Care, Courtesy and Consideration

Three words that underpin the philosophy here at Collingwood School are Care, Courtesy and Consideration. Our aim is that when children leave our school at the end of Year 6 they are confident, polite and thoughtful. We aim to help them become well-rounded, both academically and sportingly and self-assured with the confidence to feel excitement for the next stage of their education.

We encourage children to recognise the importance of living in a community and the sharing and consideration required in order to work with others. Our PSHE program reinforces these values and the children are encouraged to talk during our weekly Circle Time sessions about working together. Opportunities at Collingwood help to support key principles and ideals so that the children are aware of the importance of good manners and attentiveness to others.

We love hearing from ex-Collingwood pupils who invariably contact us later on in life and regale fond memories of when they were here and it’s a pleasure to see the values that were instilled in them carry on throughout their careers.


  • To bring out the best in each child by encouraging individual talents in a wide range of fields, including academic, music, sport, art and drama.
  • To provide a high quality education which is enjoyable, stimulating and fun.
  • To ensure that Collingwood has a caring and nurturing environment within a happy and friendly community.
  • To develop a love of learning within a structured, broad and balanced curriculum so that each pupil is confident in his or her ability.
  • To develop a pupil’s learning skills by encouraging a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, perseverance, objectivity, reflection and critical thinking.
  • To instil values and opinions within the context of mutual respect and understanding of differing belief systems and cultures in Britain.
  • To enable pupils of all abilities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum in order to furnish them with as much choice as possible when selecting schools for their further education at 11+.


The qualities of care, courtesy and consideration underpin our philosophy and we promote good manners, thoughtfulness, confidence and attentiveness towards others. We recognise the importance of being part of a community and of the sharing, trust and consideration required in order to work with others.

The uniqueness of every child is celebrated and the curriculum reflects the needs of every pupil through a love of physical, active, creative and academic activities. Coupled with a positive partnership with parents we can maximise the potential in each child.