Pre-Prep (ages 3 to 7)

The Early Years curriculum is designed to give our children a varied and quality learning experience.

The curriculum is divided into six learning areas: Communication, Language and Literacy, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development, Creative Development, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

During their time in Nursery and Reception, the children are taught through stimulating activities, resulting in an enthusiasm for learning. Emphasis is put on developing the core skills that children will need for the rest of their lives and we build on existing skills and interests to help the children learn and develop independence.

We provide a solid foundation in Mathematics, English and Science. ICT is taught in Pre-Prep with the children benefitting from the use of a bank of laptops. All classrooms have computers and the use of interactive whiteboards are an integral part of lessons. We teach French from Year 1, mainly as spoken French with songs and rhyme. By Year 2, we gradually add more vocabulary and activities.

Throughout the whole of the Pre-Prep Department, the children’s progress is monitored by their Form Teachers and Deputy Head. We also provide positive pastoral support.

Our Pre-Prep curriculum is broadened through the use of local facilities. Children visit the Ecology Centre for science and outdoor learning and the Heritage Centre for Historical Studies. Local theatres are visited including the Polka Theatre to watch drama productions. Drama workshops and visits to Wallington Library enhance our book week activities.

We always encourage getting outside and enjoying fresh air. The children enjoy playing on the lawn area, the climbing frame and balance equipment. A shelter provides cover for water and sand play activities to continue even in inclement weather. Early Years children have a special play area with a variety of stimulating equipment and a soft safety surface.