Wraparound Care / Breakfast Club & After School Care Club

At Collingwood many of our children come from busy families and we recognise the need for childcare before and after the school day.

Our Breakfast Club, managed by Mrs Sawyer runs from 7.30am to 8.30am each day allowing your child to enjoy a healthy breakfast with other children and take part in some fun activities too. The cost is £6.00 per session.

Our After School Care Club, managed by Mrs Bashir runs from the end of the school day until 6.30pm providing a range of activities. If you need to contact the After School Care Club staff outside of School Office hours (8am to 4pm) please call 07761 830037.

The cost for this club is £6.00 per hour (from the end of the school day to 6.30pm calculated in 15 minute slots when attending less than the full hour.