Learning Support

Collingwood School is committed to providing the necessary support to ensure that all our pupils are able to access the curriculum and work at the top of their ability level. Learning Support is provided throughout the Pre-Prep and Prep and is based on each individual pupil’s learning needs.

Pupils experiencing difficulties with learning will receive support including the provision of differentiated material and tasks within the classroom, as well as withdrawal from class for one-to-one or small group sessions where appropriate. Pupils who receive such support include those who have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia/dyspraxia, those who have language processing difficulties and those who have mild general learning difficulties.

For children receiving support, an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) may be drawn up which highlights the pupil’s strengths and learning difficulties, and suggests strategies which subject teachers may use to assist them in their teaching. It also lists approximately three targets for the pupil to focus on in the subsequent months. Individual Education Plans are reviewed twice a year with the parents.